Therapist Thursday with Joe from Joe Forshaw Hypnotherapy

Every Thursday we are have a different Solution Focused Hypnotherapist in the TT Hot seat answering questions; Why they trained; What advice they would give others thinking of doing the course; What was their favorite thing about the course and finally the best thing about their job. This week we are hearing from Joe who runs . To find out more about Joe why not check out his website

Why did I train as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

I spent most of my working life in Local Government and I knew that I wanted to look for an alternative career when the time was right. I had always been interested in Psychology so I studied for and gained a Psychology Degree and then began a Masters Degree in Criminology.
I gained an MA Certificate in Criminology, however I soon realised that although it was a fascinating subject there was no real career path that would to lead to a new career. So I began to research into Psychotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy.
After looking into the various therapies I became quite disillusioned with what I found. I almost began a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy until I attended an induction meeting and spoke to the tutors and recent graduates. I personally wasn’t comfortable about the reports, in many cases, of the distress both client and therapist were appearing to experience as a result of revisiting and discussing past trauma.
As a result of addressing and revisiting the problem with the client, I learnt that the therapists themselves quite often need therapy.
I then discovered Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and it ticked every box for me. It was exactly how I wanted to practice therapy. To enable the client to move away from their problem and focus on their solutions painlessly.

What one piece of advice would I give to someone thinking of training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

I would just say Do It. For so many reasons, firstly Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works. You can be confident that you will qualify with the complete package of skills you need to begin your career and start to make a real difference to the lives of your clients.
For me CPHT Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been life changing in many ways. I know this to be the case for many of my colleagues who qualified with me. Obviously, everyone’s circumstances are different but almost all, myself included, are now practicing and have rewarding careers.
The CPHT course prepares you to use your skills practically from a business and marketing perspective. So the course is a complete package for your personal and career development.

What was my favourite part of the Course

So many things that I could point to really. The Academic content and quality of the course and the knowledge and ability of the Tutors.
However, I think the thing that I liked most was the atmosphere within the class. From day one people who were strangers and from very different backgrounds and ages became a really friendly and supportive group.
We formed support groups and regularly met up (back in the days when we could) and also kept in touch via social media etc.
I made several friends for life and we remain in regular contact today.
I can honestly say that I really looked forward to attending the classes.

What is the best thing about my job

Again, so many positives that I could point to. There is the freedom of being in control of my work life balance. The ability to choose to work from home and control the amount of time I work and when.
However, the most rewarding aspect is that I am doing a job that I love and always wanted to do. The feelings of satisfaction when people write testimonials or tell me how SFH has affected their lives so positively is hard to describe.
My clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a wide range of issues, so to be able to help so many people is incredibly rewarding.
I can honestly say I love my job.