Therapist Thursday – Catrina from Oak Tree Therapies NI

Every Thursday we are have a different Solution Focused Hypnotherapist in the TT Hot seat answering questions; Why they trained; What advice they would give others thinking of doing the course; What was their favorite thing about the course and finally the best thing about their job. This week we are hearing from Catrina who runs Oak Tree Therapies NI. To find out more about Catrina why not check out her website, Oak Tree Therapies NI or Facebook page.

 Answer 1:
I trained as a SFH because I wanted to find a way of helping clients who may not wish to experience, or who’s needs may not be suited to, a more reflective journey into their presenting past as I would provide in CBT and counselling.
Instead, what most attracted me to training with CPHT was the focus on a solution focused approach to meeting clients needs. To find a better way forwards within a brief solution focused approach that focused on the clients immediate need to bring positive changes into their lives without the majority of focus being on the potential preparatory factors and presentation of the individuals current issues.
I work with people with many different problems such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and wanted to find an innovative and creative way to tailor my approach to meet each individuals unique set of needs.

 Answer 2:
The advice I would give to anyone thinking of training in SFH is to allow yourself to whole heartedly delve into the course, ask questions, soak up as much knowledge, skills and inspiration you can from the most supportive and encouraging lecturers I have ever trained with, and naturally, the wisdom from fellow students that might broaden perspectives and support as you experience this journey together.
The lecturers will teach you skills and knowledge that will not only support your awareness around your own mental health, but to potentially help others and from there, who knows where your potential could lead you, for they too started out as students at a time…

 Answer 3:
My favourite thing about the course, apart from gaining an abundance of skills and knowledge, neuroscience (fascinating), that not only helped me to understand my own mental health but to better understand what may be going on within each individual who comes to oak tree therapies.
But importantly, to experience the spirit and the passion of each of the lecture-whose humble attitude’s, patience and willingness to share, to educate, was gifted to us all with good humour.
That being said, one of my favourite things about this course, was experiencing how therapy can also be made fun for us all in the most dignified manner, to help others to find ‘light’ within their darkest sky.

 Answer 4;
What I love about being a therapist is literally helping others who are perhaps a little lost in their journey through life for many reasons unique to each soul. I view my role as being a bit of a metaphorical lighthouse to sailors struggling in rough waters, to gently and safely guide each individual back to dry land with all the resources they need to continue on their path back home, within the self…
As T.S.Elliot said;
“We shall not cease from exploration,
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started-
and know the place for the first time.”