Weekend Four Student Observations

This month we all got into the festive spirit with our Christmas jumpers, due to Covid-19 restrictions the course was moved online via Zoom. From last month, the students started working with members of the public. They are all well on the way in terms of practice hours. Some of them are even seeing as many as 10 clients per week!

A recurring comment from the students is they felt more at ease working with strangers. Something Jennifer and I also found when we were students. Family and friends are fantastic to work with first as they will always be our harshest critics and so when we move onto working with strangers it becomes a bit easier.

This month was also the first of our recorded Initial Consultations, well done to the students who completed theirs this month. Going first is always nerve wrecking but a great feeling of accomplishment once done.

On day 2 the students learnt about OCD. Its devastating impact on the lives of those who suffer from it as well as their loved ones and how we as Solution Focused Hypnotherapists can help. They also looked at the power of placebo and nocebo effect within medicine and holistic therapies.

To finish off the day the students practiced sessions with each other then enjoyed a wonderful group relaxation session from Alex.

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As this will be our last blog of 2020. Happy Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

Jennifer & Jem