Weekend Three Student Observations

What a fantastic weekend! Due to Covid-19 and local restrictions this weekend’s course was delivered via zoom. This worked just as well as in the classroom, especially as this weekend was taken by the wonderful Nicola Griffiths all the way from Portugal.

The students were taken through a typical session and learnt the powerful effect on our brains of the simple question ‘What’s been good’. We also went through ‘the Miracle Question’. This is a wonderful Solution Focused Technique which focuses on how things could change and what small steps we could take to make this happen.

During the students feedback session, we heard about the great changes the students where seeing with the friends and family members that they have been practicing on. From this month onwards the students will be working with the public, so we are looking forward to hearing about the positive impact they will be making going forward.

One of the best aspects about this course is that it sets the students up to move forward in business as soon as they graduate, due to the fact they have been seeing clients for the previous 7months!

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