Student Observations

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is based on the latest Neuroscience research. CPHT pride themselves on updating their course in response to changes in this field. Due to this, before we open our new Dublin school it is important that we attend the full course again as part of our observations, ensuring our own skills are fully up to date. Fortunately for our Dublin trainees, this will be Jennifer’s third year lecturing at CPHT Belfast. However, it was back to the classroom for me and I was EXCITED.

Thinking back to my own first day, years before; learning about the brain, how we respond to anxiety and the amazing impact that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can have on a wide range of issues. That feeling of excitement and curiosity, knowing this was exactly where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I could see my original enthusiasm reflected within this new group of students and that same feeling of excitement returned thinking about the journey these new students were about to embark on and the personal and professional life changes ahead of them.

Day 1 was all about learning the foundations of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Day 2 focused on the practical part of the therapy. For some of the students this was their first encounter with trance, also known as deep relaxation. I very much enjoyed being part of the group relaxation session given by Alex (one of the Belfast lecturers), before the students got to try out this deep relaxation script on each other.

The students were then tasked with spending the next month reading aloud the relaxation sessions with their friends and family. Knowing how much they had enjoyed the group relaxation there was an eagerness to get started. I am looking forward to hearing how they all got on next month.

One of the brilliant aspects of this course is that you are putting the skills into practice from the very first weekend. I cannot stress enough how valuable I found this when it came to my own graduation. For both Jennifer and I, by the end of the 10 month course we had already started to build up our own practices Solution Focused NI and Hello Positivity and felt confident in our newfound skills and abilities. In my opinion this is what sets CPHT apart from other hypnotherapy training schools.

If you would like more information on how to join our September 2021 intake feel free to contact us.