Tom’s experience with CPHT

We asked Tom a graduate from our 2019 CPHT Belfast course his thoughts on his time studying with CPHT.

What made you decide to do the course? Based on my experience of guided meditation and work as a Support Worker I was looking into hypnotherapy and kept seeing adverts for CHPT, it appealed to my sensibilities.

What did you enjoy most? The content, the psychology, personal development, and the practical side of it, we were learning a tool which could be used to help people straight away.
I was the first to volunteer to receive hypnosis from one of our lecturers. I was convinced after feeling the benefits of that experience. Above all else I felt the course was delivered very well, it was interesting and interactive.

What changes did you notice as the course progressed? I gained confidence, I was a shy at first when we had to start working with members of the public but I took a leap of faith and it paid off and I haven’t looked back since.
I quit the vape after we did the smoking module; having previously been a smoker for years then moved over to vaping from that module I am vape free nearly a year. I had previously found it difficult trying to quit on will power alone but its been easy using the knowledge and the theory from the course. For me that was important as I feel you must practice what you preach so it gave me that accountability.
What are you up to now? As a hypnotherapist I am seeing clients a few evenings a week. During lockdown I was seeing clients over zoom, thankfully now we are back to face to face. I have a steady number of clients. It is really starting to take flight, the more I do it the more I get enthused by it. I am passionate about it and would like to keep developing it.

Would you recommend the course? Yes, I would recommend the course if you have a sense that you want to do something to help others. There is no shortage of people with anxiety or depression and if you have experienced that on a personal level, like many of us have and like working with people give it a go.

Tom runs Thomas James Hypnotherapy in Nerwy @Elysium Wellness Centre follow him on Facebook: