The Creation of CPHT Dublin

The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy School was founded in 2002 by David Newton David is an inspiring gentleman and a pleasure to know and work with. His method of therapy is hugely successful and the number of CPHT schools has expanded over the years due to that success. CPHT Dublin is school number 27 and is built on the success of CPHT Belfast that opened in 2015.
The two senior Lecturers are Jennifer Dunseath and Jemma White.

Jennifer was one of the first students in Belfast and this is her story on how CPHT Dublin came about:
“I was one of the first students in Belfast and I loved every minute of it, I went on to build a successful part time practice in Belfast and was delighted when CPHT Belfast asked me come back as assistant lecturer. Being at the front of the class was a totally different experience and I loved it, to watch the expression of the students faces as they grasp what we teach is amazing, to hear them report back every month on the work they have done and the people they have helped is the ultimate job satisfaction! I then went to teach various CPDs and qualify as a Supervisor….there is never a dull moment! I was taken completely by surprise when I got an email from David Newton a few months ago to ask if I would consider opening a school in Dublin. I was truly humbled, what a compliment. I certainly couldn’t have predicted the path that original CPHT Belfast training course could have taken me!”
First task on my list was to find a second lecturer…….that’s were Jemma comes in…….over to her!

“I have always been interested in personal development and have myself worked through issues with a therapist at different stages of my life for confidence and grief. The sessions I had showed me the immense benefit that therapy can have on a person’s life. It was this experience that prompted me to complete my MSc in Counselling & Therapeutic Communication. I knew I wanted to help others in the way that I had been helped. As part of this course I had a chance to study different modalities within therapy. I was initially drawn to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the proactive approach this takes. After graduation I was researching different CBT courses to take when I came across Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH). Although I had heard about hypnotherapy, I had never given it much thought and most of my knowledge came from Derren Brown’s TV shows. However, the words “Solution Focused” grabbed my attention.
I would describe myself as a positive and motivated person. Although it is always beneficial to investigate and understand your feelings around an issue, I feel there comes a point when the only beneficial thing is to move forward. I have also had a great interest in psychology, so the fact that SFH is about moving forward to solutions and not dwelling on the issues, while also being based on factual neuroscience research that takes the best elements from other modalities such as CBT and NLP, meant that I knew SFH was the one for me.

Sitting in my first lecture I knew I had made the right choice. I found the course fascinating, learning all about how our brain responds to perceived threats and what we could do to break free of these negative cycles, and seeing first hand the benefits of using trance to reduce anxiety and consolidate the positive psychotherapy element of the therapy.
Another great aspect of the course was that it had you working with clients (firstly friends and family then strangers) from the very first month. It also took you through the practical side of setting up a business. Since graduating I have set up a successful part-time private practice in Bangor, NI called ‘Hello Positivity’ along with doing corporate work in the North and South of Ireland. It was on my course I also met Jennifer, one of our lecturers. I remember thinking she always wore interesting shoes and had a dry wit that I appreciated.

After graduation Jennifer and I remained friends due to our love for SFH, coffee and dogs. When she rang me up about the opportunity to open a school in Dublin I jumped at the chance. Doing the CPHT course in Belfast changed my life. I have made a career out of doing something I love and get so much satisfaction seeing my clients break free from long standing issues. Having also enjoyed doing workshops within the corporate side of my business I knew I would enjoy teaching a subject I am passionate about. We had a lot of fun on our course and it was lovely getting to know everyone. I am really excited to meet a whole new set of budding hypnotherapists, as well as being part of spreading the SFH message across Ireland.
To allow me to a Lecturer in Dublin I need to sit in on the entire course again (It’s a requirement of NCH, shows you how serious they take this qualification). So I am rejoining CPHT Belfast in their course in Sept 20 and will give you some feedback after course weekend. So if you’re considering training with us in CPHT Dublin sign up to receive our blogs and get an in-depth picture of the course each month.”